Reformer Private Class: 

At Westside Pilates, our private reformer class is a class full body workout utilizing the reformer apparatus.  The reformer is a low metal bed with a sliding padded carriage that is attached to springs for resistance. The reformer encourages core strength, can improve flexibility and posture and builds long, lean muscles. Using this special equipment can be used for physical rehabilitation or as a challenging workout and is often recommended by doctors and physical therapists. 


Chair Private Class:

The chair was developed by Joseph Pilates and is considered the most difficult apparatus thanks to the challenging and fun exercises you can perform on it.  The chair has a padded top and a foot pedal that controls the spring resistance. The chair is a great tool to challenge strong intermediate and advanced clients to isolate muscles and balance asymmetries as well as develop deep core and total body strength. 


Magic Circle Private Class:

The Magic Circle is used to enhance a Pilates mat class by adding resistance to the mat exercises. The magic circle can also be beneficial in providing spatial awareness, as well as awareness of your core and muscles in the body during exercise. 


Tower Private Class:

Using a modified version of the “Cadillac” which earned it’s name from Joseph Pilates because of it’s size, comfort and bells and whistles. The Tower has a raised floor mat and spring resistance and serves double-duty for both Cadillac and mat exercises. This class is great for students of all levels as it ensures stabilization whilst simultaneously adding resistance which tones, strengthens and lengthens muscles.