Daniel Alvarado

Daniel Alvarado is a passionate Pilates instructor eager to spread his knowledge and love for Pilates with his clients. He received his Beginner and Intermediate Mat Certifications through Power Pilates in NYC & Chgo, and received his Pilates Comprehensive Teacher Training Certification through Real Pilates in NYC.  Ever since a young age, Daniel was very active in sports and enjoyed exercising. He came to New York and tried a couple of Pilates classes and has been addicted ever since. Daniel loves how Pilates allows him to feel strongly connected to his body, and knowing how much control he is able to have over his movements. For Daniel, the most rewarding part of this work is training his clients and seeing the become stronger after each meeting.  Pilates has changed the way Daniel views movement. He loves telling people that he’s training them physically and mentally. Daniel has worked with some amazing Instructors like Bob Liekens, Carrie Campbell, Stephanie West, his uncle Juan Estrada, and Alycea Ungaro.  He is happy to be part of UWS & LIC Pilates Team.