Soul Cycle

I broke down and went to Soul Cycle two weeks ago for my first time. Many people have been asking me to try it out and I just never pushed myself to sign up for a class. I made it my goal that by the end of the year I would attend a class.

Yesterday I attended my second class which went so much better than my first. I knew that I had to go again (even a few more times) in order to make a complete judgement. The first class I was trying to understand what the class was about, feeling out the bike and knowing what my body could handle. This second class was better and I was able to add more coordination and felt more relaxed about what I was doing. I still think I need to do a few more classes before I make a full assessment. 

Here is the photo to prove that I did actually go ;) I took Mondays 12:30pm class at Soul Cycle at the 83rd and 3rd ave location and was able to test out my new Lima Capri by Fabletics. However I wish the photo would have been taken before class as my face is red but hey, I did just take a spin class!!