Fat Girls Diets... Seriously... I had to do take a double take!

Last weekend, while I was at an antique store, I came across The Workbasket and Home Arts Magazine from April 1968. I flipped through the pages and landed on page 27. If this were written today I don't think it would be published.

Fat girls diets...

Just let that sink in for a minute. Diets for fat girls...

You can purchase 5 of these diets for $1, 10 for $2 or all 20 for $3.25. Money back guaranteed... Now that's a deal ;)

I did a google search for Ruth Pfahler. One can still find some of her pamphlets on Amazon: Special Diet for Fat Hips and Thighs. I wonder what she is up to now.

How do you think we have changed as a society regarding diets?
And do you think it is appropriate to call these diets, Fat Girls Diets?