Imani Cummings, LAC

Located at Upper West Side only


Imani is a Licensed Acupuncturist by New York State and owner of Acupuncture Therapy Studio, PC. She graduated with honors from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego with a Master's of Science in Traditional Oriental Medicine and Herbology. 

Since her licensure in 2012, Imani has administered over 10,000 effective and life changing treatments focusing on chronic and acute pain management, stress reduction, emotional balance, mood disorders, mental/spiritual health, digestive ailments, fatigue/sleep issues, respiratory illness, fertility difficulties, pre/post natal support, menopausal symptoms, chemotherapy side effects, and more.

Imani has developed long lasting, trustful and rewarding partnerships with her patients who seek her individualized comprehensive treatments, healing hands and lighthearted humor as a part of their regular health management regimen.

Acupuncture is not the only medium of healing that Imani incorporates into her treatments. She has a Level II Reiki attunement and is pursuing Reiki Master training. In addition, she practices Tui Na Massage hand and structural techniques for musculoskeletal disorders. Fire cupping, moxibustion therapy, Gua Sha and electric stimulation are also included under her care.