Private Session


A 55 minute session designed and focused on meeting your body's exact needs. Instructors are hand-picked for clients, and will work with you to develop any specific areas you would like to strengthen, provide excellent guidance to best address any ailments, and help you explore all aspects of the technique being mindful of your personal ability.

Duet Session

A 55 minute session designed and focused on meeting you and your partner's specific needs. Duet Sessions operate just as Private Sessions do, except a friend or partner is able to work alongside you. Duet sessions still maintain an incredible degree of personal attention and guidance, with the added bonus of having a partner to motivate you. When booking a duet, you must already have someone you would like to join you.



Trio Sessions (Group Classes)

A 55 minute class that rotates through the Reformer and Tower. This is an intermediate challenge for those who have previous Pilates experience. The diverse apparatus will help you gain even more strength and really dive deeper into your Pilates practice and the full use of the system that Joseph Pilates created. Maximum 3 people per class.