What people are saying... 


"My husband and I have weekly duet classes with Adrianne. She is absolutely excellent! Extremely knowledgable about Pilates, but also about the body and its complexities. I have a serious back issue that makes me wary and protective; never have I had this level of trust in an instructor. She understands our issues, listens with great care both to our words and to our bodies, and designs our sessions accordingly. We always come away from the sessions feeling stronger, taller, aligned, and rejuvenated. We look forward to these sessions all week long. Go see Adrianne. You will be glad you did."

- Barbara and Robert


 "Adrianne is a fantastic Pilates trainer who is extremely dedicated to her craft.  I have been working with her for several years now and have found that over time my lower back pain is greatly diminished as a result of her professional expertise.  I highly recommend that anyone  who suffers from lower back issues schedule a few sessions with Adrianne.  She’s truly a miracle worker!" 

- Michael


"I had knee surgery at 15, my kneecap used to pop out. The surgery was very extreme and painful, but after one long year of physical therapy I could do almost everything. Fast forward eighteen years later, when I was thirty three I started experiencing extreme pain in my knee. I went to an orthopedist who said that my cartilage was worn off and I would have to get cortisone shots and then eventually I would have to have knee replacement surgery. For a thirty three year old very active woman this was devastating. I decided to go and see a sports medicine orthopedic doctor, when he saw me he said: "yes the cartilage is worn out but with some pilates you should be fine." So I took his advise and I have been practicing twice a week Pilates for the last fifteen years and thank G-d I have been great. At Westside Pilates, I have found a great instructor who is aware of my issues and tailors the sessions specially for me. They are very knowledgeable, kind, and have your best interest at heart."

-Margie Szerer


 "When I started working with Adrianne two years ago, I presented her with two major challenges: a painful left foot and hip plus an aversion to any kind of exercise. In no time, Adrianne has been able to reverse both problems.

With her amazing knowledge of anatomy, she pin-pointed my tight muscles and came up with a solution. Now I take the stairs well and can say that I actually enjoy each workout and look forward to her sessions. I think it's mainly due to her vast knowledge and sensitive but direct manner -- both soothing and encouraging -- the perfect combination to achieve, for someone like me, the best results.

She's fun to talk to and is an experienced professional."

- Sherry


 "Adrianne is wonderful! She has been my wife's and my Pilates instructor for more than four years. In our enjoyable — and always challenging — joint weekly sessions, Adrianne has helped both of us progressively develop and improve our strength, fitness and balance to a remarkable extent. Adrianne is particularly good at varying and enhancing the sessions to keep them interesting and comprehensive. She is also charming and a pleasure to train with. My mother-in-law (who is in her 80’s and has multiple health issues) trained with Adrianne for about a year while she was living in New York, and Adrianne did an excellent job of challenging her within her limitations — and she was incredibly patient! We would not hesitate to recommend Adrianne to anyone of any age."

- Anthony