Adrianne Yurgosky


Adrianne Yurgosky is a certified Pilates instructor dedicated to inspiring people towards better health and wellness through Pilates. As a college athlete, a painful case of sciatica in combination with scoliosis caused her to turn to Pilates for healing. After witnessing firsthand the powerful effects Pilates had on her body and mind, she sought to share this form of fitness and healing with others.

Adrianne works with a wide variety of clients including athletes, pre and post natal clients, individuals struggling with physical ailments such as low back pain and other chronic conditions as well as those dealing with specific and general areas of tightness in the body. Because of her personal experience and extensive knowledge, she excels at helping clients build strength, manage pain, and find body movement that once seemed impossible. Adrianne is passionate about Pilates as a form of fitness and healing and dedicated to providing first rate Pilates instruction in Long Island City. 

Adrianne graduated from Fordham University with a B.A. in International Political Science and French Literature and is a certified holistic health counselor through IIN. In 2015, Adrianne spent the summer studying in the art of Traditional Thai Massage with Aree Sanyalak in Chiang Mai, Thailand. When she's not at the studio, Adrianne enjoys traveling, reading french literature and historical fiction, photography, and scouring the city for the next great restaurant.

She is certified through Power Pilates in New York City under Bob Liekens, Junghee Won and Susan Moran. Her second certification comes from United States Pilates Association with Brett Howard. She also has obtained her Pilates Method Alliance certification.

Adrianne is the owner of Westside Pilates (uws + lic locations) and co-owner of Pilates Pro Maintenance. She is looking forward to seeing you at the studio.