WESTSIDE PILATES Booking/Payment/Cancellation Policies

• I understand that if I cancel a scheduled appointment, I must notify Westside Pilates at least 24-hours before my scheduled appointment or I will be held responsible for full payment. Our policy is a courtesy to our instructors who have made a time commitment to our schedule and are compensated on a per-client basis.
• If I change my appointment from one instructor to another within the 24-hour period, I will still be responsible for the cost of the original session plus half (50%) of the new session cost. Again, this policy protects our instructors as they are compensated on a per-client basis and informed of their schedules 24-hours in advance.
• I understand that if I have not arrived or called within 20 minutes after the start of my scheduled session time, I will be considered a no-show and will be charged the full session fee. My instructor is not responsible for staying beyond 20 minutes if I have not called to say I am coming.
• I understand that instructors may cancel or are subject to change due to scheduling or emergencies, and that I am still responsible for keeping my appointment if it is within 24-hours of the session and another instructor is made available to me. (All efforts will be made by Westside Pilates to contact you if your requested teacher is not available. Therefore, please keep us updated on new phone number and contact information.)
• I understand that a commitment to a recurring appointment time extends beyond the duration of my purchased Pilates session package. I am responsible for notifying the studio of any schedule changes during or beyond my session package.
• I understand that habitual late cancellations and no-shows may lead to losing my recurring appointment time. I agree that if I am unable to attend my recurring appointment 5 times in a 2-month period, I will release the appointment.
• I understand that no refunds will be given but that transfers of credit can be arranged at the owner’s discretion. If I do dispute the charge that I have agreed to, a $25 fee will be charged to my card.

• I understand that all pre-paid packages expire in 4 months from the date of purchase.

• My signature authorizes Westside Pilates to charge my credit card on file in the event that I am not present in the studio for the transaction.